World of Boating 2-1-20

This week Greg Your 1st Mate talks about his next big ship adventure, despite the rest of WOB crew saying it does not count. Plus what to look out for if the new electric standards at marinas trigger a fault warning on your vessel.

World of Boating 1-25-20

This week Barry The Boater prepares to sell his boat and what options you have if you find yourself wanting to do the same. Plus Captain Rusty closes on a new boating dealership in the Daytona area.

World of Boating 1-18-20

This week the WOB crew get an update on a possible new home for your vessel in Sarasota Florida. Plus the government issues a warning that your GPS may not work properly due to some military testing underway.

World of Boating 1-11-20

This week the WOB crew discuss the new clothing restrictions Carnival Cruise line has announced for their passengers. Plus why do cruise ships keep getting caught for illegally dumping their waste?