Meet the Crew

Greg – Your 1st Mate is pretty much the genius behind this entire WOB operation. Whether this is a good or a bad thing depends on your perspective.

Greg started his radio career on the air in Cincinnati back in the 80s. (Insert WKRP TV theme here)

He's worked in rock, pop, country, talk radio formats on stations from Ohio to Florida and has pretty much done it all in the radio world.

In March of 1997 he began hosting a show called ScubaRadio while working at a sports station in Orlando Florida. This unique new talk show was literally started as an excuse to dive free on company time. However, it quickly took off and within a couple years evolved into Greg's full time job. Yes, this is one lucky SOB!

Greg launched the World of Boating radio show in 2005 and Just Plane Radio in 2011. It's a Jimmy Buffett lifestyle he's willing to share. Feel free to hate him like we all do and know he considers that a badge of success. ?


Captain Patrick oversees the entire research staff for the World of Boating and has over 30 years working in the boating industry. He may look intimidating, but he's just your typical grumpy USCG licensed boat captain. Easily agitated and buttons pushed by Greg, his fiery outbursts are often radio gold.

In the real world, you'll find Patrick working in every facet of boat design, fabrication, production, transportation, photo shoots, boat shows, customer service, etc.



Captain Rusty is the man behind the madness at and Jacksonville Marine. Rusty has a more laid back approach to sharing his love of boating as a member of the WOB crew.






Bill The Engineer keeps the World of Boating afloat when he chooses to appear. You will generally find Bill below deck sniffing fumes in the engin room, which works well for the rest of the crew that prefer he be heard but not seen. Did we forget to mention he doesn't like to wear pants? This is just a head shot for a very good reason!





Barry The Boater resides in South Florida and oversees the unofficial WOB test boat. OK, he's just an avid listener we helped score his first boat purchase. However, he is a great guy and more than willing to share his unique insights of taking that first plunge into boat ownership.