Initially launched April 2004, the World of Boating is the world's first and only nationally syndicated radio show devoted to the boating lifestyle!

Our mission is to promote the boating lifestyle and to keep current boaters active by presenting useful boating information spiked with a little attitude and irreverence. Imagine the hosts (referred to as the crew on the show) sitting on a boat chatting about a wide variety of boating issues. Listeners (referred to as the passengers on the show) call in with questions and share stories about their own experiences while on the water.

Just Plane Radio showScubaRadioWe also produce “ScubaRadio” and “Just Plane Radio.” These are the 1st and only nationally syndicated radio shows devoted to diving and aviation! (Sound familiar?) They allow us to provide our sponsors 3 targeted markets with one economical advertising buy. Plus we cross promote diving, boating and flying between all three shows to create a unique outreach opportunity for each activity/industry. Please contact us for sponsorship opportunities.

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  1. Hiya guys,
    My name is Darrell Grob (USCG Captain) from Denver, Colorado. My wife, Lisa, and I are active cruising boaters. Our boat, Why Knot, is a 45′ diesel trawler, and we’re Gold Loopers, coastal and Gulf cruisers. We’re currently on a five-year mission exploring the Great Lakes. (Why Knot is in indoor storage up on the Erie Canal.)
    I just wanted to give you a shout out that I found your podcast and I am enjoying your content.
    Keep up the good work.

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