Tuesday, December 12th, 2017


                                                                                                          Onward      We fast forward 18 years and we find that Tonii and her father have grown their business and now have four boats in their fishing fleet. Tonii has an education that is reserved more for those families that could afford to send their children to the best academies within Lollashire […]

May 24, 2011  by SBI Teams Converge on Cocoa Beach for Spectacular Offshore Powerboat Race KEY WEST, Fla. (May 24, 2011) – The Season opener for the 2011 Super Boat International Racing Series was held this past weekend in Cocoa Beach, Fla. with the World’s fastest boats racing in perfect conditions on the Atlantic Coast, […]

Bill and another one of his stories. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIK7ZIF15_A

10 reasons to bow down before your shark overlords Annalee Newitz Sharks aren’t just scary-looking and deadly. They’re also superpowered. They rarely get sick, never sleep, and possess sensory organs all over their bodies that allow them to smell electricity and see vibrations. Here are ten reasons (plus a bonus extra reason) to bow down […]

     OK, so I’m back. Did y’all miss me? That’s probably a question that’s best left unanswered so let’s just leave that one hanging for a bit while we get down to business. Since I work in the marine industry Monday through Friday dealing with the serious issues involving boats, their owners, and dealers […]

South Florida Business Journal – by Darcie Lunsford Date: Friday, March 4, 2011, 2:48pm EST – Last Modified: Friday, March 4, 2011, 3:00pm EST Flanked by mega yachts Newvida and Fighting Irish, Rybovich owner Wayne Huizenga Jr. unveiled plans to sink a controversial repair hub at the Riviera Beach marina in favor of redeveloping a […]

The World Of Boating teamed up with Scuba Radio and stormed the gates of the 2011 Miami International Boat Show this past Thursday. With their fearless leader Greg leading the way like the Pied Piper of Hamelin leading a ragtag group of wide eyed children, the radio show gang snaked their way through boats, yachts, the Guy Harvey […]

     How can something that starts out with the best intentions wind up almost costing a human life? I am of course referring to the recently imposed NOAA ban on jet-skis in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary ( http://montereybay.noaa.gov/ ) including Half Moon Bay and the surf spot known as Maverick’s.    We were fortunate to […]

And so it goes….right into the new year. There’s a reason why we just turn the camera on and let it go because you never know what you’re going to get. There also aren’t very many radio shows out there that do what we do which is add the extra element of in-studio video, albeit […]

   One of my favorite books to read when growing up in the mid 70’s was “Bloodletters and Badmen” by Jay Robert Nash. If you have ever read this book and are aware of its content you might find that opening sentence a little alarming due to the fact that I discovered this book in […]