INVASION MIAMI! World Of Boating At The 2011 Miami International Boat Show

The World Of Boating teamed up with Scuba Radio and stormed the gates of the 2011 Miami International Boat Show this past Thursday. With their fearless leader Greg leading the way like the Pied Piper of Hamelin leading a ragtag group of wide eyed children, the radio show gang snaked their way through boats, yachts, the Guy Harvey store, and  boat accessories galore stopping only to grab freebies and candy whenever they could.

The WOB-ers with Neal Watson
Is it possible to be standing still and still feel like your going 100mph?
Capt. Keith Ammons directing traffic at the Discover Boating booth.
Power on display: 350hpx4=WOW!
We can't even afford to look at it.
Oh yea! Arneson Surface Drives=Woohoo!

Capt. Rusty Gets an Award

In Daytona Beach last week, I received an award from the National Water Safety Congress for the work I have done in the area of safe boating. However, this award really belongs to all of those who provide me with the resources and platforms, such as “WOB”, that give me incredible opportunities to talk about my passion.