Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Reef Safe Suncare      

NOAA satellites aid in the rescue of 207 people in 2011 January 23, 2012 In 2011, NOAA satellites were critical in the rescues of 207 people from life-threatening situations throughout the United States and its surrounding waters. The satellites picked up distress signals from emergency beacons carried by downed pilots, shipwrecked boaters and stranded hikers, […]

     How can something that starts out with the best intentions wind up almost costing a human life? I am of course referring to the recently imposed NOAA ban on jet-skis in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary ( http://montereybay.noaa.gov/ ) including Half Moon Bay and the surf spot known as Maverick’s.    We were fortunate to […]

If you enjoy boating in unfamiliar waters as much as we do, you will quickly find that a GPS can be your best friend. Often times the recreational boater finds that reading compass headings and nautical charts are daunting tasks. With this in mind, we developed Florida By Water with one of the main goals […]