Wednesday, December 13th, 2017


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  A Marriage Made of Steel Plan Nine from Uranus The Con is in Session Flori-duh!    

Video: Loch Ness monster’s cousin? Is the huge sea creature spotted by students on Lake Foyle real? Loch Ness has taunted myth hunters and monster spotters for years, but footage has emerged of what could be a similar sea creature in northern Ireland’s Lough Foyle. The footage was taken by student Conall Melarkey when he […]

Rec Boat Holdings enters jet boat market May 2, 2013    Scarab® brand is re-launched with jet power; Glastron® adds jet models to 2014 line Cadillac, Michigan, May 2, 2013 – Rec Boat Holdings, maker of Four Winns, Glastron and Wellcraft brands, today announces their entry into the jet boat segment, re-launching the Scarab brand […]

The World’s Largest Rubber Duck Arrives in Hong Kong   This week conceptual artist Florentijin Hofman brought his gargantuan Rubber Duck artwork to Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. The huge inflatable duck measures nearly 46 feet tall and 55 feet long and is shown above being pulled by a tug boat only a fraction of […]

You would think that the U.S. Government could loan or just give this guy a boat seeing as he probably won’t ever get his back.

If there is one thing most boaters love to do, it is raft up. A formal definition is “the roping together of a number of small vessels to form a raft-like structure; a social gathering based upon such a structure.” However, over the years the term has come to focus much more on the social […]

As the days get longer and warmer and the smell of honeysuckle starts to fill the air, my mind start to drift away to the endless boating opportunities that await me this summer. Every year around this time I find myself planning for the perfect boating season. Let’s face it, even though here in Florida […]

   I’ve read over the past couple of days about an ongoing boat test by a boating magazine. I am not going to name the magazine or the boat brand and model that they are currently testing even though what I am writing about really doesn’t cast a bad light on either one of them but just […]