Sunday, October 22nd, 2017


Twice a year, Florida By Water heads to Orlando to check out the latest in fashion, swimwear, gadgets, and anything else that we think you, the boater, might enjoy. The Surf Expo features approximately 2,600 booths, all chock full of apparel and hard goods, as well as a full lineup of special events. This year we spent countless […]

As the morning sun breaks through the darkness of night we realize that we have discovered a boating paradise. This is the kind of place you dream about: great restaurants with fresh seafood, dockside bars with live music, a freshwater spring where you can raft up, outstanding fishing and scalloping, not to mention a beautiful […]

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Though most people first think of Central Florida’s reputation as a major theme park capital, the fact of the matter is that if you like to boat, Central Florida is a great place to be.  For your next trip to the Sunshine State, bring your boat – Orlando has a lot to offer for boating […]

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