Friday, November 24th, 2017


If you enjoy boating in unfamiliar waters as much as we do, you will quickly find that a GPS can be your best friend. Often times the recreational boater finds that reading compass headings and nautical charts are daunting tasks. With this in mind, we developed Florida By Water with one of the main goals […]

Florida By Water is branching out with its online adventures. Over the past few years we have reviewed and tested numerous marine related products. Some were increditable and someā€¦..well not so much. Therefore, we made to decision to create Ponagator Marine. The online store sells only the products you (Florida by Water members) and I […]

At Florida By Water we are somewhat fanatical about keeping our boats in perfect condition. Over the years, we have tried numerous products to keep our boats looking like new. So when something comes along that does everything that is promised, as well as reduces the time we spend cleaning after a day on the […]

We understand that many Floridians, as well as Florida visitors, are concerned about the Deepwater Horizon Incident and the impact it will have on boaters this summer. At Florida by Water and The World of Boating, we want to ensure that you have the correct information to make an informed decision about your summer boating […]