Thursday, November 23rd, 2017


June 10th Governor Crist and the Florida Wildlife Commission issued an order that will expand the recreational scallop season along the Gulf Coast. The Bay Scallop season will now start on Saturday (July 19th) instead of July 1st and last either until oil closes the beds or September 10th, whichever comes first.

Greg will be out of the studio so Scott and Patrick and I get to decide on the topics… I thought, as  a change of pace, we might cover some boating news this week.  Patrick always has great stories… do you have any ideas?

Good Morning to ya!! I am pretty excited about our trip to the Regal factory/showroom this afternoon. I hardly ever get to leave the studio so it should be pretty darned exciting! That’s a happy baby girl!   I am a pretty busy guy between the shoppe ( and the show and my thrice a […]