Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

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Bill the Engineer

Bill The Engineer keeps the World of Boating afloat every Saturday from 1-3pm EST. You will generally find Bill below deck sniffing fumes in the engin room, which works well for the rest of the crew that prefer he be heard but not seen…did we forget to mention he doesn't like to wear pants?….be thankful this is just a head shot!

Today Earth Day seems like a no-brainer… anyone who really enjoys the water or the out of doors at all, should see the benefits to preserving what we have. But not everyone has always embraced Earth Day. The first Earth Day combined with Vietnam War protesters. Early protesters against the April 22nd gatherings also included […]

I know that the President McKinley bit can sometimes get slightly derailed but its all based off of real solid information. McKinley Williams is a real honest to goodness financial professional and he is working a paper portfolio for Greg. The idea is that (as all true boat owners know) that boats cost more than […]

This is no April Fool’s joke… but April 1st has been the official Scubaradio birthday since 1997. First Mate Greg founded that show with his boss, Diver Dick. I joined up during 1998. Its been an interesting journey and if you’ve never listened to the show but enjoy the World of Boating, there may never […]

I write a weblog for two financial sites, three times a week… I thought that WOB listeners might be interested in this latest entry … for the full text see the from page of http://www.stockdr.com/ Gift Card Reform… It seems as though there is little in life that could be simpler than a gift card. […]

Greg will be out of the studio so Scott and Patrick and I get to decide on the topics… I thought, as  a change of pace, we might cover some boating news this week.  Patrick always has great stories… do you have any ideas?